6000 deer. 200 people. 1 Jura Music Festival!!
The Jura Music Festival started out in 1994 with a view to bringing professional musicians to Jura to encourage our local youngsters with an interest in traditional music or similar, to see how they could follow their dream. Some of  our members had attended the 1st 'Celtic Connections' that same year and were inspired by it.  We already had a few young people on Jura who already played traditional music.  It has certainly inspired quite a few!

We're a recognised scottish charity.  We have a special youth education account which has helped many of our local young people to have lessons, go to rsamd, put something towards buying an instrument and, given to the local primary school to buy instruments to encourage teaching of same. We have also supported the local feis movement of islay/jura.  We hope to continue with this for the future but, rely on our donors, sponsors for most of our income. We are gratefull for their continued support.


Lastly, the music festival has grown from strength to strength and, it's a fantastic week-end. 

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